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Two 2 Awesome Oscillator Trading Strategies ✌

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Two strategies how to use the Awesome Oscillator http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/technical-analysis.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE The Awesome Oscillator. This is a simple oscillator based on two moving averages; the first one is a 34 period and the second one is a 5 period moving average. As such this is a simple moving average crossover system with a unique flavour. The oscillator oscillates above and below a zero line and you're selling or buying as you cross above or below the zero line. As you cross below the zero line you'd be going short and as you cross above the zero line you'd be going long. The point is it is just a signal or filter to indicate whether the trend has potentially turned bullish or bearish. The next strategy is also interesting. As the awesome oscillator is below zero, you sell into peaks for another downturn/pullback (same for the uptrend). Related Video Forex Swing Trading Strategy using Bollinger Bands and the Awesome Oscillator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyEui4svjG4
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Matt Pascoe (26 days ago)
It looks amazingly like a short period MACD only non customisable.
van similine (1 month ago)
Question so reversal is when the bar crosses zero line
j jones (3 months ago)
Thanks for the video . You are teaching me so much . Keep it up .
michael seagal (3 months ago)
My strategy would just be to buy as soon as you see a green bar on the AO that is longer then the previous one and sell when you see a red bar that is longer them the previous one but then I'd probably lose a lot of money
Eduardo Ueda (4 months ago)
When you see two different colored bars in AO (One long and one short) followed by different colored bar that is shorter, it usually shows that the current trend would continue
Dr. Vyankatesh kulkarni (6 months ago)
great video sir
J A 100 (8 months ago)
What is the name of this ascillator?
xfactorb25222 (8 months ago)
seems as if, just by watching this screen( never used this BTW) you can find a resistance at the tops of the "hills" above the zero line... every time the hill double tops at that line, go short. my two cents anyway.
Steve Cunningham (8 months ago)
imfosela (8 months ago)
is there a expecific timeframe where it works better? THANKS
osmany tapanes (8 months ago)
I use this one every day combined whit heiken ashi candles work perfect ,I match the color candle +oscillator ,in 4hr chart wait for candle and oscillator match color,zoom in to 1hr chart and wait for retracement , enter when candle in 1 hr match color whit 4 he candle and oscillator, work best in hight volatility pairs ,my choice EUR/NZD , exit trade near resistance or support ,don't use Heiken-ashi for exit ,Will eat a lot of your profit before change color, thanks for your videos I believe you are the most genuine and honest trader posting videos in you tube,thanks
Gaius Caligula (9 months ago)
Great video. Love your strategies :)
John Ross (9 months ago)
use the awesome oscillator with bollingerbands set at -.382 & .382. when awesome is bullish and bar closes above top band that is a tigger signal to take trade when the next bar breaks above trigger bar high and or close.
Hüseyin FAZLI (8 months ago)
(38) (2) both oscillator and BB. İf it close BEARISH bottom take buy all the way up, when close or above BULLISH upper BB above vice versa, choose a trend sideways, use fractals for reversal points but make your move before fractals appear, if you can guess the divergence point earlier, that gives you solid advantage if you trade in lower time frames like 1 min, its not too difficult in Bollinger bands anyway
Slikz Certi (9 months ago)
Bertus Popken (9 months ago)
John Ross Thank you!!! I backtested this ~20 trades and seems to work really good!! God bless you!
Rex Motha (10 months ago)
aleprex77 (10 months ago)
where put stop loss and take profit?
Hüseyin FAZLI (8 months ago)
For SELL, SL upper BB (a few pips above) TP near lowest BB, / vice versa for BUY

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