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Making Money The Wyckoff Way: Breakout & Markup

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I've followed Wyckoff for many years. Richard D. Wyckoff was a great trader and a pioneer of technical analysis. Wyckoff would start by taking a wide view of the market and then narrow down to find shares with the best profit potential. The Wyckoff Market Cycle outlines important elements in trend development, marked by periods of accumulation and distribution. Four different phases comprise the cycle: accumulation, markup, distribution, and markdown.
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Text Comments (21)
George Favors (20 days ago)
Shaun Glendinning (1 month ago)
Excellent! Thanks very much.Cheers
Mamunur Rashid (2 months ago)
A great explanation of Wyckoff's method. Thanks!
Tasso Pepi (3 months ago)
yeah but easy on a white board, do it trading it live and we will see how good you are, i could sit there also and draw my perfect trading chart and show you how to trade also.
UKspreadbetting (3 months ago)
There are lots of people on youtube PRETENDING to be trading in real-time but not doing much. In most cases they are pushing small cap stocks and getting people to follow their lead guaranteeing them a profit.
t4 fast (5 months ago)
any more patterns like those?
UKspreadbetting (5 months ago)
Check some of our past videos particularly the playlist on 'Chart Patterns' and the one on 'Technical Indicators'
BERNZ T (6 months ago)
Hey Mark I have noticed especially on GBP pairs if you put the 24hr vertical lines on a the chart You can very clearly see the accumalation period on the GBP/NZD the average candle where the profit release happens it happens everyday.. I think this is the elusive holy grail lol.. But all serious this is very very powerful stuff...
Eddy Breton (6 months ago)
All, read Master the Markets by Tom Williams. PDF available for free, best iteration of Wyckoff.
vivek rai (7 months ago)
Does this work in all timeframes ?
UKspreadbetting (7 months ago)
A M (7 months ago)
great concise summary, thanks
Aidan Moisan (7 months ago)
Which time stamp is best used with this theory? Or does it matter?
Delman (8 months ago)
ought to cover unless you have the false break out takes people out of their stops, i never have stops so I'm ok, do or die with me, lol, the market makers, the manipulators, maybe have covered it, fascinating stuff...
Delman (8 months ago)
oh see problem with stopping video and commenting now, lol, kinda do mention it, yes, get stopped out cause taken just a bit above or below, if use hekien ashi candles and other things can help often better than normal candles as won't show body closed over and so can help...
Göran Forsberg (8 months ago)
Thank you so much for giving that crystal clear explanation. I want to be your student, and this is the only video i have seen from you :)
M Dean (9 months ago)
Great Video
Vernon Kalugdan (9 months ago)
explained in a few minutes where others just draw out in confusing 2 hr videos. Golden, thank you
omg, i was the textbook-guy (lol) many time in scenarios like this.
actually this happened sooooo many times to me. didnt know that this scenario has a definiton and is actually bullish
Cheetah Capital (11 months ago)
Very useful, thanks!

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