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Markets are Rigged. Using Charts and Technical Analysis alone is a road to the Poorhouse

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Are the markets rigged? Is the stock market rigged? Why can't we use charts alone to analyse the markets? Andre Minassian, self-employed medium-term trader and businessman comments. You believe that all major stocks markets are fixed/rigged. Why and how can we use this to our advantage? When we just base ourselves on charts and fundamentals, the problem you have is that everybody else is looking at the same charts and fundamentals. The markets knows you as a trader by looking at charts so they know when retail traders are going to buy or sell.
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Text Comments (83)
PrinceStudiosFX (4 days ago)
A very smart man.
etaylor38 (15 days ago)
Lol I like this guy.
malmsteen2002 (19 days ago)
Says a person who is part of the 90% losers.....
kebman (1 month ago)
Now try trading Bitcoin and try not to make a profit, lol!
Trading Observer (1 month ago)
according to his logic, supports and resistances and other clear indicators shouldn't even exist.. because as soon as the "smart" people saw them forming, they would trade in the opposite way and doing so changing the chart itself destroying the figure, and creating so a repeatable and constant case for retail traders to study. Going on, what kind of market is he talking about? In the Forex market Retail traders rapresent only the 10% of the entire volume.. 90% belongs to central banks and hedge funds.. so if this is the case the "smart people" would be the vast majority stealing money from themself.
MrGvozdi (1 month ago)
This guy is 100% right
Kroshell official (1 month ago)
she is smiling she knows he is talking pure horsecrap!! lol
Jeff Richards (1 month ago)
How do you "know" that they (whoever they are) is going to take a market from point A to point B?
pim1234 (1 month ago)
he must be a multi billionaire, he knows it all !!
Paul Peace (2 months ago)
Thanks God and Andre I watched this video a year ago.... I consistently profit now. Very true that markets are rigged.
Mohamed Alilou (2 months ago)
tell us how to do that find macro geopolitical blablabla
ahmed trabelsi (2 months ago)
who is the market!!!
Rich B (2 months ago)
The market is rigged against retail traders. The market makers are the chief scammers.
stan dike (2 months ago)
great content.....clap
ovidiu mihai (2 months ago)
G Bro (2 months ago)
He's full of shit.
David Ortman (2 months ago)
Lol this is so far from good advice it's not even funny. So it telling me that since they know what ur gonna do they just go the opposite way instead? So ull never ever be successful if u use technical analysis? Funny how a crap load of super successful traders who make millions of dollars use technical analysis. This video makes just no sense at all
Ben Wearne (2 months ago)
When Merrill Lynch buys 100,000 contracts the price is going to go up. There's no way to know for sure when that will happen, but if it JUST happened a week ago and they haven't been able to sell all those contracts for a profit and the price goes back down to the price they bought all those contracts, they will most likely buy more to defend the position. Volume and price are the only "real" indicators. All the other ones just make things easier for your eyes at a glance.
hheythered (3 months ago)
Cant get me market I scalp and my positions are in seconds or minutes.
ramza675 (4 months ago)
he took his advice from youtube penny stock traders
MrElectricSkittles (4 months ago)
Omg, actually so obviously true...they are looking at the same chart...theyre doing the same analysis you're doing, they know what you're gonna do, so they do the opposite 😂
Gar Kiil (4 months ago)
What? "So if I know DOW is going to 19 then 20 after that I can bet on that" Okey well..... How in the hell do you know that then? This just sounded dumb, it's going to 19 then 20.. yea okey.
Matthew Lahman (4 months ago)
Awesome channel!!!
Jason W (4 months ago)
Interesting guy but he contradicts himself when he discounts technical analysis and another interview talks about patterns and how he uses patterns to trade.
savvageorge (4 months ago)
Who are "they" the people rigging the markets? If everybody stopped buying food at McDonalds are you saying they would not go out of business and their share price would keep rising? In my opinion markets are real and they are created by real people. Prices always find their real value in the end.
bilal khan (4 months ago)
Technicals work very well. You just have to be very good at it. A chart can never be wrong it is just showing history. You just have to listen
El Astronaute (5 months ago)
what he means by 'rigged' is the markets are manipulated and the prime objective of the big players who can actually move the markets is to hoover up retail traders money
Christopher C. Iheobi (5 months ago)
This guy is a Con-Man
Bryan Harris (5 months ago)
I think he seriously ignores that if everyone uses TA, and a shitload of people do, it becomes self fulfilling prophecy.  It unwinds on people still in various ways, like a short squeeze.  He makes some interesting points I think but it sounds too dogmatic.  As though he never looks at a chart and is a successful trader.
sudan raj Sharma (5 months ago)
great video
Randall Taylor (6 months ago)
What a great interview er
no show joe (6 months ago)
to say its rigged is a conspiracy thats bad.
Creole Cajun (7 months ago)
No stop loss lol bet this guy has loss tons of money
titaniumsandwedge (7 months ago)
First off, technical analysis does not capture fundamentals, only market sentiment.   Are markets rigged?  If rigging means one group has the advantage over another, then the markets are not rigged.  However market participants are constantly gaming each other which can be construed as rigging. The average retail trader does not have the wherewithal to perform fundamental analysis. They fall back on technical analysis because they can.  The algos follow TA and game the retail trader for profit.   I have used support and resistance in my trading as it seems to be resistant to rigging.  What does not work is day trading based on a perceived pattern with a tight stop.  The market makers make a killing in harvesting all the tight stops.  LOL.  Whenever I see a bear raid, I chuckle at how many retail traders got stopped out at a loss.  People can put kids through college by stop loss harvesting.
Brandon Boyer (7 months ago)
Peopl!!!!we need to bring this shit down!!!! Rotten to the core!
server333 (7 months ago)
Its nor rigged lol You can make money with indicators. Just not as much as other more advanced trading strategies.
Frank Hernandez (7 months ago)
Only because someone has more money then you n can move the market don’t mean it’s rigged all it means is your butt hurt because it’s not u moving the market.
Harry Charalambous (7 months ago)
For someone you want us to have faith in he sure talks a lot of bullshit lol
Michaelson Sarmiento (8 months ago)
Hi. Is there any evidence that the markets are rigged?
We R1 (9 months ago)
Hi guys. I have done my research about how the forex market is rigged as I was a HUGE trader. The way the forex market is rigged goes like this: ALL forex companies use banks for leverage. Once a client opens a trade they send an instant order file within a split second to their leverage providers i.e the banks. The order file contains your client id number, order size, if it's a sell or buy order, your stop loss price etc. Now the banks download this file into their systems and that info is fed into their databases. The banks can now in realtime see how many percent of the market have short positions and how many have long positions. They can also see how many percent have stop loss positions and which areas they exist. From here they just move the market so that 95% loose. That is why most traders i.e 90-95% of traders loose money. If it was a fair market without the interference of banksters the profitable and loosing traders would be much more evenly spread with the occasionally lopsidedness. Now the reason why I know all this is because I have had intimate conversations with the senior managers of some of the biggest forex companies to figure out how they i.e the banksters were able to time the market so precisely so almost all traders loose money. If you don"t believe that the banks are able to set up an algorithm like this just look at google. It is very easy to import a file and feed a table to output instantly all the intel on the market positions in real time. My advice: Look at free energy, magnet motors (that has been repressed by the banksters to keep their monopoly), with that you will have free energy. Look up air to water generators. They make water from air. With free energy we will be able to produce whatever we need to consume much more cheaply and be free from the reptilian so called rulers that are have been trying to enslave us in every way they can.
Mr Egusi (9 months ago)
If stock markets are not rigged. What's the point of Quantitative Easing then? What's the point of circuit breakers in the event if a sudden crash? What's the point of Central bank intervention through Interest rates? Wonder why banks invest millions just to have micro second avantages over retail investors and take opposite trades against large order? Of course the markets are rigged to provide liquidity ... Which is a good thing. Next people will say OPEC (the Cartel, hint) doesn't manipulate/ rig crude prices.
Rhonda Parker (10 months ago)
I think what he is saying is that the market is manipulated by many factors other than the chart. The chart of an at least one-minute behind reflection of the entire picture. Too me, this isn't to say the chart and indicators aren't useful, but they really are just telling us how many people are also interested in a certain stock; how a corporate, news or political event is being reflected - for positive or negative. Group plays, corporate manipulations, etc are also a factor.
Beast Mode (10 months ago)
I have two questions: 1. Who the fuck is this guy? 2. Why should I take his advice if I don't know who he is or how successful of trader he is? I hate these YouTube videos of these know-it-all assholes giving garbage advice like they have all the answers. This guy's gotta be selling some kind of program to take your money.
jammapcb (10 months ago)
if its chaos it cant be rigged just influenced to get the ball rolling. Even then... you would need 50 billion+ a time to really move something... there are not many that do this! as i doubt they would put in that much money to profit a crappy 0.0001%
yANNI tSONDA (10 months ago)
Trade block chain based currencies. The charts work much better if you know how to chart a chart. Dimcoin going public soon
Zorro Zorro (10 months ago)
wise man
Kishore Patel (11 months ago)
Markets are rigged when someone smarter than you makes profits out of your looses. --- INDIAN
Geraldo Rodrigues (11 months ago)
Excellent! !!
no show joe (11 months ago)
Are they rigged? Is he right or wrong?
Daniel Beasley (10 months ago)
Hes right, he's just not doing a good job explaining what he's trying to say. What he is trying to say is large players can manipulate the price to move in a way to throw of analysis and trick others into a bad trade. So you shouldn't just depend on fundamentals and indicators alone. Alot of people are bashing this guy right now on here, there's alot of accuracy in what he's saying, he's just doing a bad job explaining. But any real trader the makes hard quality gains everyday knows exactly what he's saying.
Derek ok (10 months ago)
Define rigged first.
Howard Hill (11 months ago)
"try to figure out the macrogeopolitical agenda" - what kind of strategy is that? It's an element, but ignore price action at your own risk.
Have Fun (1 year ago)
Totally makes sense... if they know what everyone is going to do, then they can keep the market stable enough to make money off the investors. If they did not, then the market would be so out of control that nobody would make any money. ANNNDDD.. they can't just up their prices or pull the shares out of the market because everything is reg'd, SO, they can influence the market with their own traders buying and selling large amounts of shares behind the scenes, OR, prime the market with upcoming news.
farshid rajabali (1 year ago)
I guess he is now an online poker player ....lol he thinks it is not rigged lol
somenath majumder (1 year ago)
Great video, excellent observations.
Mlogan11 (1 year ago)
Technical analysis works, but you have to be able to see BEYOND the simple thing that everyone can see. You have to be a good "between the lines" reader. The market is rigged in that all the big players try to move the market by whatever means they have if they can get away with it. The fact that it is still a competition, means the mkt isn't fixed and no one really controls the market. So if the big players control the market movement, just bet on which big players will prevail.
King Mener (1 year ago)
I usually do the opposite of what every one else is doing
King Mener (1 year ago)
If the syst had a straight forward formula ...every one would make money
Miguel Vik (1 year ago)
what the hell is this guy talking about? TECHNICAL WORKS! i know A LOT of succesful people trading technical. moron....
Lincoln C Mitchell (1 year ago)
wow, even he said the market is rigged
Precisions Online (1 year ago)
he said some real stuff
grengren2 (1 year ago)
So now I understand ! Trillions of Dollars and thousands of inverstors and market makers are all working together to take your $10 by triggering your stop-loss. That makes perfect sense - if you are bat-shit CRAZY ;-)
Darrell Webster (1 year ago)
Everyone has a level of knowledge and that knowledge and how it is used is like a fingerprint no two people are the same. But sometimes we can say with definite surety, that another person’s belief in something that they believe is right is definitely wrong. That is the case here; commodity markets are not rigged and on the whole neither are equity markets (not for the lack of trying by some people). There are no gnomes of Zurich running the markets, the predominate thing controlling markets is human nature, put another way emotion. That is why markets never change, also the reason why conservatively 90% of traders lose. Markets are a ‘closed-system’ money is not manufactured in markets; all that happens is money moves from one account to another, from an incorrect view to a correct view. Technical analysis (in my opinion) used correctly! is the best way to see what is happening to a market in the future, all the information about a market is hidden in the numbers from the past, analyzed properly these numbers can tell you what will happen in the future. The future cannot be a blank to a trader, because everything a trader does is about what will happen in the future. They will not let you place a trade in the past, when you place a trade your money is on the line about what will happen in the future. Another thing that will not make the computer nerds happy is you have to do a lot of the work yourself manually. That is not to say computers are not essential in trading today but pushing buttons and having the machine do all the work for you, is not the best way for you to gain understanding. The human body has more nerves running from the brain to the hands than any other part of the body, using our hands is a major function in our learning. Look at the people in this clip, look at what they do with their hands they are using hand gestures as a part of their communication.
Huzefa Kapasi (1 year ago)
this is complete bollocks. Who is this bubble and squeak? He is chatting complete bollocks.
Ghost (1 year ago)
that is why I invest my money in mutual fund..let the pro manage my money and i can compound my earning as little as $10
Quickdraw1111 (1 year ago)
This guy is wrong. For someone who is suppose to know about the markets, how could he not know about support and resistance areas and the trendlines on a chart? Therefore, if there are S & R areas (and trendlines as well) then isn't it obvious that the price tends to bounce off those areas? And therefore it IS an opportunity to make money due to that fact! Now, of course it won't be a winning trade everytime you buy at a support area or sell at a resistance area. That's obvious. But the idea is that if you know how to trade then you can make money off the S & R areas and the trendline areas. I guess someone needs to teach the guy in the video what support and resistance means and that the charts ALL have support & resistance and trendlines that can be used to make profit.
Insane (1 year ago)
This guy is fucking bum, obviously S/R levels work and they work with insane consistency
sudan raj Sharma (1 year ago)
what a view .very nice interview
james lachs (1 year ago)
Totally rigged and I'm happy about it too! The stock market's volume is now approx. 60% machine generated. Most are programmed to do the opposite of what simple charts tell retail traders to do. The media is also rigged.
eddyvideostar (1 year ago)
At the video time of 1:20 minutes: This is priceless -- or will be to a potential trader who is forever immersed in the economic and trading books, especially of technical analysis and charting as regarding when to buy, or cover at the break above resistance. He has a great point which I had thought about for years: Do not the big banks and institutions see the same chart? Especially so in Forex and Futures, as these trade the convenient vehicles as the Eurodollar and crude oil, gold, and S&P futures. this creates little wonder why these authors write and tout about ubiquitous aspects of technicals as the breakouts, trends, fibs, volume, etc? They even write that nothing is guaranteed and do not work all of the time. The _volume_ is perfuming the neophyte's nostrils along with any likely breakout, which the majority of the time are meretricious. The institutions have them pegged so that they too can see a technical, create a transitory goose chase and then pull the rug from the retail traders. Why is their so much trading education, much of it voluntary, because this helps to fatten the golden goose and bring novices to the markets sooner.
Santana Eccles (1 year ago)
Exactly, very good points made eddyvideostar , fully agree and wish I had know what Andre is saying years ago.
jimmy bulmer (1 year ago)
I never blindly buy or sell at certain levels. always wait for a blatant reversal
Tiger Shark (1 year ago)
+jimmy bulmer cool and congrats on finding something that works for you.
jimmy bulmer (1 year ago)
been trading 2 years now only just found a style that works for me after a lot of struggle. I see where you are coming from, but I had problems with the other side of the puzzle; I would wait too late to enter, as I wanted the trade to absolutely work out and my stop not be hit, but then I would wait too long and the big move had already passed therefore I wouldn't have taken the trade. I guess it's better than losing money but I realised that psychology gets you nowhere in trading so I'm taking high quality set ups as they come. yes waiting for a reversal on the low time frames (5min, hourly for me) with a reason for doing so on the higher time frame and going with the momentum is simple but very effective. I'm not too keen with moving average crossovers as I've studied enough charts to be able to read the bend with my own eyes however some people love them.
Tiger Shark (1 year ago)
how long have you been trading? as an early trader I would get emotional about what I thought was a reversal and often times entered too soon. controlling that emotion is a big step forward. I agree, wait for the prediction analysis to converge with the lagging indicators and then you will have your answer, not before.
CityOf Angels (1 year ago)
Absolutely brilliant alternative point of view
Insane (1 year ago)
codehammer10 Man just admit that you failed at trading, and now you say markets are rigged to protect your little ego, dont cry. If you cant trade doesnt mean its impossible. You cant swim as fast as Micheal Phelps, would you say its impossible? No. So same logic applies to markets
Insane (1 year ago)
codehammer10 Asking you again, why dont I see this guy in billionaires list? If he says he knows where market goes and its pre planned? Answer this simple question. You cant, so shut the fuck up. Tired of stupid people like you saying its rigged.
Insane (1 year ago)
Come on, he is spewing bullshit, all markets are rigged, what a joke. Who exactly is controlling the markets then? He cant say, because they are not rigged. In 1993 Great fucking Britain tried to keep value of GBP artificially high by buying up GBP, and market still broke efforts of Great Britain and devalued GBP, where George Soros made a billion on his short bet against GBP. So if fucking Britain cant even manipulate its own currency, who the fuck can manipulate all the markets, which have daily turnaround of Trillions of USD? NOBODY
Los Angels (1 year ago)
on the money Sir
Bulls Bears (1 year ago)
Doesn't make sense what he is saying all he is saying it's rigged
Bulls Bears (1 year ago)
I reckon this guy has lost a lot of money
Francis Mattis (1 year ago)
It happens that he was right though

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