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How much time do you spend trading and analyzing the markets?

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Francis Hunt a technical analysis trader and coach comments. What do you enjoy about trading? How often do you trade? / How much time do you spend trading and analyzing the markets? What was the biggest move you missed? The charting and analysis is all the work for me. 91% of your work is doing your charting and inter-market analysis, seeing where all the key levels are, looking at the volume and volatility. If you've found this video useful, please click the like button and share it with your friends and remember to SUBSCRIBE to remain up-to-date!
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BogEyedSloth (2 days ago)
I'd short that chart for sure.
Kenny Powers (13 days ago)
When he's not trading he still hangouts with the rest of the X-Men
Rey Antano (1 month ago)
Hitman Trader
Prismatic (2 months ago)
This guy is an excellent teacher
Radha Krishnan (3 months ago)
agent 47 ...!! investing in stock
Jorge L (3 months ago)
This guy fucks
Juan DC (4 months ago)
Thank you for this short video. You hit the park with the sniper comparison and the Mohammed Ali comparison, "I'm not getting some many millions per second, he is paying me for all the work I've done since running the streets and hitting that old punching bag." (Blew my mind) Most of the work is pre-trade Thank you!
CRYPTO COMPARE (6 months ago)
Finally somebody down to earth.
Ruth Seema (8 months ago)
I love this man's accent, Sounds South African but I could be wrong...totally agree with what he's saying
ahsdc sdfb (9 months ago)
he is a true trade with wit i know all he is talking about. what is his name? like him already.
Dan Guerriero (1 year ago)
Excellent video I like you analogy with Ali.
itsShowtime007 (1 year ago)
Francis is brilliant!
Waldotorr (1 year ago)
This guy is Great! Very savvy trader. I love that he only has one screen. No BS with this man.
Robert Schuster (1 year ago)
True 99% watching for 3 months to buy and sell once.
Boosted Driven (1 year ago)
Man I want to meet this guy and shake his hand.....
Francis Hunt (1 year ago)
Hi Guys, Thank you for the overwhelming support on this series, that has gone totally viral. Keep supporting this great UKSpreadbetting Channel For those of you with an interest to learn more, can you email your interest to Support@TheMarketSniper.com There is also a free 89 min webinar right here, done by me with more detail on the strategy we are utilising: http://ewebinars.com/webinar/?trackingID1=XXXXXXXX&trackingID2=YYYYYYYYY&landingpage=default&expiration=default&memberid=10259&webid=iy2ix4yv Wishing you success in your trading. Warm Wishes Francis
GD (1 year ago)
For a professional trader his trading desk is very spartan. Just one screen and one chart on it? I have seen even amateurs using 4-6 screens if they are tracking multiple positions.
DC Tomcat (1 year ago)
I REALLY like that reference to *Muhammad Ali*. Couldn't agree more!
mvernekar (2 years ago)
I am watching this video just 20 minutes after I watched Enemy at the gates..the sniper analogy is so appropriate.
Len Vaughn (2 years ago)
I know how to read stocks and I know how to read options as far as when to get in and when to get out but how do I go about reading the analysis chart for forex trading? At what percent am I getting in/out? What signal am I looking for?
Wankface MacDoodle (1 year ago)
I can tell you how to do it but you will have to put the work in yourself: Do not spend to much time watching videos of people drawing bullshit lines and diagrams all over the chart and going crazy with fibonacii etc. These people are talking bullshit. Every trade you make must be based on your own testing. To really be profitable long term i believe this is the only way: step 1:) find a setup you can use to trade using google. This means some combination of candlestick patterns and an indicator that will tell you where you should expect the market to move to next. You should look for a confluence of factors, meaning they point to the same conclusion. The setup must follow a list of rules that will tell you whether the setup has been triggered and you can enter a trade. (I would keep the number of indicators down to 1 to keep things simple) step 2:) once you find the setup, you must now figure out how to enter and exit the trade. This means finding where to place your stop and profit targets. Through trial and error, pick a fixed stop and profit target to use for the setup. Then go back over the last year or two and see how the strategy would have performed if you entered every trade that meets your setup criteria, for the given stop/targets you have chosen. I tend to base my stop/target based on a % of the size of the previous candle's body and record my testing on excel. At the end of your testing you should be able to calculate a winrate, and profit/loss based on how many trades you won and how much you would have lost/won per trade. (This will differ based on the currency pair you are using, I have different risk:reward for different markets and only trade on the ones I found the strategy to work on) step 3:) Now that you have a setup with a strict list of rules, and you have figured out your risk:reward that offers the biggest profit, you will have to back test again. This time running your finalized strategy through a fresh set of data. Eg if your strategy was built using data from 2014-2016, you will want to run the same strategy on 2011- 2013. This adds confirmation to your initial findings and helps protects you from building a strategy that fits your data well, but doesn't perform well long term. step 4:) if you have gotten this far you have done pretty good. You should now have a strategy that you can use to trade and begin forward testing ON A DEMO ACCOUNT! DO NOT PUT REAL MONEY FOR ANOTHER FEW MONTHS OF CONSISTENT PROFIT ON DEMO. Tips: - The markets I recommend you look into first are pairs with CHF, NZD, JPY. The central banks of these countries interfere a lot with their currencies. This makes means that they are more prone to speculation then other currencies and seems to make technical analysis work on them better. I have found the biggest risk:reward on CHF and NZD for my strategies. In some cases I have strategies that win 47-52% of the time with risk:reward targets of 7 to 1. -When placing trades always trade a fixed % of your account. Eg 2% of your total capital is bet on each trade. -Only enter trades as candles are closing (your analysis will be based on candles exactly at the time they closed, so trading while candles are still forming messes up the results of your analysis) - You dont need to leave all your capital in your broker account. Eg, if your trading with 2k total capital, you only need to have enough money in your account to keep all your positions leveraged. trading 2% of our account means you will be risking £40 per trade if you start with 2k. So divide £40 into the number of pips used for your stop. If your stop size is 80 pips, then you should be trading at £0.5 a pip etc after factoring in the spread etc. -If you have a day job, it is best to look into swing trading rather then day trading, meaning the lowest time frame you trade on is the daily chart. Daily charts tend to be more consistent, less stressful and you dont need to spend all day watching the charts, just 30 minutes at the end of each day to check for your setups and to place trades. - DO NOT BREAK THE RULES OF YOUR SYSTEM. Only take trades that meet all your criteria without exception. - I recommend that you do not make use of trailing stops, or manually move your stop while you are still learning. If you develop a strategy in the way i explained, your strategy should be profitable just by entering a trade with stop and limits and then not interfering. You are more likely to stop yourself out early and sacrifice profits if you start moving your stop, it will also cause unnecesary stress. You can do more testing and look into how to trail your stop according to a list of rules in the future. But for now dont move your stops. Just open trades and let them close automatically at your targets. - If you want to back test with a robot, i recommend looking into metatrader. It is also possible to backtest manually, though you must be very careful not to pick entry points in a biased way. You must record every single position that meets your criteria and record the win or loss as if you could not see the future. - each market requires you to go through the same testing process again. Do not take a strategy you tested on EUR/USD and then try to use it on CHF/AUD etc. Each must be tested seperately - if you are trading with reversal signals, never trade on stronlgly trading markets, wait for the market to show signs of exhaustion. If trading continuation signals, then its the opposite, you want to be on trending markets trading in the same direction as the trend on higher time scales. Good luck
Wyong Wong (2 years ago)
This interview is poorly recorded.  We can't hear the questions and Francis' delivery is dull as well.
Robert Harrison (2 years ago)
You know when a person talks in a manner you completely understand and acknowledge about a subject ie trading you enjoy that you say instantly ,"do you know what ,i'd like to meet that person".Francis Hunt is that person.
Mridul (2 years ago)
exactly !
Duppy King (2 years ago)
Do all your analysis patiently, calmly offline and then SET IT AND FORGET IT. From a previous video:+Mark Evans I would second this. Depends though on what kind of trader you are and what trading style you are comfortable with. Some people can't devote the screen time due to other commitments. I have a number of strategies but my two most profitable were my "Smash & Grab" and Swing set and forget trades. Smash & Grab is almost like scalping, but using a 15min~30min time frames  not just shaving a couple of pips. I recall chatting to a guy I met in London who was building a software trading system with a partner. We sat next to each other whilst he tested it with a couple pennies here and there. I had told him earlier about an AUDJPY set up I'd spotted on the 4H chart. He was genuinely shocked when I shut my laptop down just before lunch, as he had just spied a £650+ trade executed in 5 minutes. "You done for the day?", he asked. "Yes I said. That's me all done." Always best not to get greedy.
Duppy King (2 years ago)
This is so true. I posted a response on another video in this series, where I used the analogy of a heist, and "Smash  and Grab" when trading. But I also used the analogy of a sniper on my trading blog, Forex Edge Tumblr. I'd suggest to any trader to take some chart screenshots at the end of the day or week, and take some time to review them offline in a relaxed setting. You'll be amazed at the improvement in your trading results when you return to your PC to execute your trades.
CalarbarNinja (2 years ago)
Sound advice
CalarbarNinja (2 years ago)
The 3 mins video probably makes more sense than many unnecessarily lengthy and boring videos where some so called guru is just trying to sell you some crap software
Arash Raassi (2 years ago)
Love that sniper analogy...! 🎯
jonniemango (2 years ago)
i love watching this guy
NoMore9to5Work (3 years ago)
This guy speaks the truth
Samir Musa (3 years ago)
i like the simplicity of your office. I have three laptops but using one at time
tobaccorich (3 years ago)
Very nice analogy. This found its way into my brain.

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