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What time frame do you use to determine where the market stands?

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What time frame do you use to determine where the market stands? Francis Hunt, a technical analysis trader and coach comments If you've found this video useful, please click the like button and share it with your friends and remember to SUBSCRIBE to remain up-to-date! How many markets do you follow? Tell me more about predicting price direction and its importance in your trading style. What is the most important part of your strategy during a regular trading day? What do you feel are some of the advantages of following a tested strategy?
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xolani duma percival (23 days ago)
Thank you spreadbetting, There is so much value in these videos.
Trius (27 days ago)
His advice for technical traders is great but it is still a bitch to apply everything he said with discipline.
Abe (1 month ago)
Who is this guy? His advice is astounding
Menteh stephane (3 months ago)
very great
jeremy anderson (4 months ago)
good traders don't use time based periods they use range per bar based periods so they focus on price size in ticks and not how many ticks were generated in a given time which is very inaccurate...especially when deciding on stop losses...
Great info! Thank you for your time.
Matthew Dauzat (6 months ago)
This guy is brilliant
reiwell del (7 months ago)
This guy just used Isaac Newton's law of motion on price movement. O.O
1990'S KID (7 months ago)
Highly intelligent individual here.
Shahid vlogs (7 months ago)
I agree on everything excpt trading Reversal.... I thnk trading reversal is great and indirectly makes you 'not catching' d market
Geraldo Bock (8 months ago)
Great video series. Must watch
craig matthews (9 months ago)
Francis Hunt and Elon musk inspire me as a fellow South African
Nhlebela Sifiso (11 months ago)
Great stuff
M Ibrahim (1 year ago)
Incredible information.
Gladys Harris (1 year ago)
please let me say thanks that makes sense that's a great idea you're right! Tell me more what happened next thank you very much.
nifty kochin (1 year ago)
from india...... trading from many years... this video sounds good..... all these factors needed to make money consistantly
Gerard Fabian Alvarez (1 year ago)
I'd say the best set of videos that I've found so far. I can see why he's successful at it. Almost no emotion in his explanations. Just facts.
Holy Moly (1 year ago)
Also, anyone who 'coaches' people on trading technique clearly isn't trading successfully. Why would he bother getting other people rich when he would rather be making himself rich?
Holy Moly (1 year ago)
I disagree. Do you remember seeing videos about a 110 year-old living in Turkmenistan, or whatever, asked what he puts his longevity down to? No exercise, a gallon of wine a day, 60 cigarettes, etc.? It's selective, reverse logic. If you cherry-pick someone who has succeeded at something, and then ask him how he did it, his explanation is valueless. There is no reason to suppose he was anything other than lucky (because you cherry-picked him after the event).
Shawn Smith (1 year ago)
wow. that surgery analogy was Excellent! 🔥🔥
boi (1 year ago)
he talks so well. true passion for trading
Mcleone Fontelo (1 year ago)
this man is amazing!
Danial Syed (1 year ago)
I take about 2 to 8 trades a month depending on the situation of the trend. You can make about 200 to 1000 pips a month depending on the trend
Danial Syed (1 year ago)
This is a good video. What this guy is talking about is something traders should take heed!
Danial Syed (1 year ago)
I trade using the daily chart for review. Its giving me a good return without the less hassle of day trade.
schnaps (1 year ago)
Thanks for this great video, way that you explain all this I found where I'm making mistake
riva2003 (1 year ago)
now, this is some real teaching.
Anthony Ebenezer (1 year ago)
Lovely jobly, this confirm that am doing something right.
Mark Heather (1 year ago)
Blimey. This bloke knows his stuff.
Simple Mind (1 year ago)
Sir, you have my trading style.
jimmy bulmer (1 year ago)
hell yeah multiple time frames is the holy grail of trading. extreme risk:reward with ruthless precision
Cutting Edge Cool (1 year ago)
This is what true trading insight and experience sounds like!
davefxfox (2 years ago)
Great man Great rules
Takashi Murakami (2 years ago)
When you care more in how to manage drawdown of active trade in progress, instead of giving importance in making profits, then you start understanding what the trade is about. You start understanding the importance of time-frame, the size of each partial bet to place (position trade) vis-à-vis your capital size, and how long you should wait out or in to enter or to exit a trade; how and when to pyramid your position, and then, loses and profits will behave as you expect to behave and you can keep your emotion totally out of equation. Drawdown oriented trade with correct risk management are what you should focus on for a higher probability trade. Temporary losses (pullbacks) during a trade are natural outcomes to manage. Nobody can avoid pullback losses; but how you handle pullback losses make all the difference I share my above belief with you based on my experience in trade.
Takashi Murakami (1 year ago)
Any platform as MT4 for example has specific to trace any kind of "study" like MACD, average, etc. So go there and find MA and select exponential ones. The "testing very small lot" will serve you to not place stop-loss when you are trading in real money against money market brokers because they are going to trade against you. It is like playing poker showing your card to opponent. Trade with broker house that charges commission but do not trade against you. Good trade, and remember: trading activity is not exciting, it is boring. If you want excitement go to cassino.
k. g (1 year ago)
+Takashi Murakami Thank you for your reply. Yes, I've started a demo account and first I was stressing too much looking at short-term changes:-) Now I have some demo trades open that are more weekly/monthly, like a short for SPX500 that I opened in mid-Dec and that is working well. I think soon I will be ready to put some cash on it, but not too much, just play money. I like what you say about testing the waters with a tentative amount and then adding on. Makes sense. I need to read up about EMA curves, I don't know what they are. Thank you again!
Takashi Murakami (1 year ago)
+k. g First thing is that there is no one instrument (fundamental or technical) that will allow you to say what will be the next market move. Therefore the best for you if you are a chart trader is to trade with longer time frame (daily, weekly, etc). Of course do not expect to start winning money from the very starting of enter position but you should be sure that there is a trend (long trend) and you are trading in direction of this trend. In order not to stress with 1, 2 days of price going against you, you should place a amount that you can afford to see the loss without affecting you. If you are correct, the trade will be in your side after some days (or weeks) and you will know that. It is the time to increase your bet increasing lots to your previous one. Then you should know where to exit by taking profit in the coming days (or weeks). There is a lot more to write to you but it is not possible to give you my +15 years of trading experience. In order to have a instantaneous view of market move in your chart, trace several EMA (exponencial moving average) curves using Fibonacci numbers (3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc). Shorter the time frame bigger the EMAS to use. Hope it will be useful. Bye.
k. g (1 year ago)
You sounds very knowledgeable. What resources would you recommend to a beginner trader? I've started a virtual account on eToro and I am keen to learn properly how markets behave and how to construct one's strategy.
Cristiano Ronaldo Fan (2 years ago)
One of the best speakers of system traders I've encountered.
Paul Van Duivenbode (2 years ago)
Thank you mr. Hunt.
Ishan Pandey (2 years ago)
Love it .
Duppy King (2 years ago)
This is an extremely useful video, as he is explaining the practical core aspects of his trading strategy. For any noobs out there that did not understand, he's talking about trend trading. He illustrates with 3 chart timeframes, Daily, 240min and 1 hour. He identifies his general trend with the weekly and daily charts, then checks price action on the lower time frames. So price may pullback or retrace on a smaller timeframe like the 1 hour. Then you place your pending order/entry order and wait for price to come to you. Hopefully, the price should execute your and then take you back in the direction of the larger trend. Of course, you should confirm this with your offline chart analysis. Patterns, your levels (trend lines), Fibonacci or key indicators like the RSI or Ichimoku.
eGidukasGP (2 years ago)
I could listen and listen this guy...
Shawn Smith (1 year ago)
eGidukasGP agree, the way he speaks and Logically explains things is compelling to make you want to be a listener. 👑
CalarbarNinja (2 years ago)
This is are the type of people you can refer to as expert or great trader sharing from their wealth of experience, and a struggling trader will benefit immensely by listening to all the video for this interview over and over again.
Rochell Oloroso (2 years ago)
thanks for UKspreadbetting their effort on catching and sharing the ideas of experts.
Adrian Bräysy (2 years ago)
with pending orders, I find it works quite well to trade reversals. that way you can place it where the price has to go for it to count as a reversal.
Francis Marcel (2 years ago)
great video, all professional traders have a lot in common, i think those are the things that separate them from the rest.. i will never stop learning, i know i will get there..
jonniemango (2 years ago)
Lola Legistry (2 years ago)
Keep it tight, keep it close, smooth scalp helps - no mention of channels despite all markets form channel patterns. Never leave your screen saver on when trading. Mechanical mistake.
Tim Fouraker (3 years ago)
Hourly is the time frame he uses to time his entries, but for most retail intra-day traders this is still way too big, as for an hourly you are still going to need a pretty sizable stop loss of around a minimum pf 60 pips for an hourly frame, which is fine if your account is in the thousands but no goo if it is smaller. The hourly is the biggest TF I actually have open during the day, although I'm keeping an eye on the H4 from time to time, and I'd say that the majority of relatively small account retail traders need to go much smaller to time their entries, down as small as 10 seconds, and if you think I'm talking bull, I'll happily send anyone some examples of trades off of these small time frames. Remember, you don't have to capture the main moves to make a lot of money trading, you just have to capture a few of the small ones with a well managed strategy in place. Great videos though, Francis Hunt definitely knows his stuff.
Anthony Ebenezer (1 year ago)
that make sense
Marcus London (3 years ago)
he sounds just like stuart wilde,
Fred Saunders (3 years ago)
I Like... Seen Many but you speak with knowledge and true conviction. There is something in your voice that depicts genuine. Nice work. :-)
max facts (3 years ago)
rerating interesting choice of words there
novis34 (3 years ago)
That is great, thank you

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